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60% of Asiana Riverside’s area set aside for green spaces, utilities

A large area of Asiana Riverside is set aside for green spaces and utilities

Living close to the nature has become trendy in the world in general and Vietnam in particular. However, how to develop projects with a large green space and an airy environment in urban areas while the land fund is limited is a concern for many investors.

Healthy living environment

Climate change and the compulsion of living with the Covid-19 pandemic have led to many changes in urban dwellers’ thinking of living standards. Living green and healthily has become a worldwide trend.

The green space of projects is not simply a space covered with trees but must meet requirements in the water surface area, ventilation and the harmony with landscapes in the area. Therefore, only projects located in areas with appropriate environmental conditions and natural landscapes can have a green living space in the true sense of the word.

Taking advantage of the Saigon River frontage and the green view from the Thu Thiem New Urban Area, the Asiana Riverside project boasts a perfect combination of the green space of internal utilities, sunlight, wind and the river scenery, bringing special experience to apartment owners.

Especially, with an unimpeded river view, Asiana Riverside creates a prosperous living environment, bringing positive energy to apartment owners. According to many studies, living close to rivers or places with a large green space and fresh atmosphere will help create positive vitality, improve health, reduce diseases and extend life expectancy. In addition, rivers help regulate the air, harmonize landscapes and people, and reduce smoke, dust and noise.

Living close to the nature has been also a trend of the rich worldwide. Therefore, riverside property products have been always attractive and have a value of tens of millions of U.S. dollars.

60% of Asiana Riverside’s area set aside for green spaces

Amid the scarcity of the prime land fund in downtown HCMC, the 60% proportion of green spaces and utilities has proved the bold investment of Gotec Land in the Asiana Riverside project.

Located in a potential position next to the head of the Thu Thiem 4 Bridge, which is to connect the Thu Thiem New Urban Area and the center of District 7, Asiana Riverside has green utilities and features the connectivity and modernity. All components at the project have been carefully designed, including walkways, a large and green square and balconies in apartments.

On the land covering over 10,000 square meters, the construction area of the project accounts for only 40% and the remaining is set aside for green spaces and utilities

With facilities meeting five-star standards, such as the Aurora swimming pool with a city view, a BBQ area, a yoga area, a convention room, a library and an area for events, residents of the project can hold birthday parties and meetings. Besides these facilities, green spaces at the project will offer a distinct sense of space and time to residents.

Especially, utilities at Asiana Riverside have been developed to be interactive. For example, the swimming pool for adults on the upper floor is connected directly with the swimming pool for children and the sunbathing area, creating a closed relaxation space so that members of families can have fun and connect with each other. The Solar central square and a stadium complex for many sports, such as basketball, football and tennis, will help residents connect with others and improve their health.

The central square, which will connect residents through outdoor cultural and sport activities

In addition, outdoor utilities, such as a theme park, a walking area, a yoga area, have been paid much attention to and include green spaces to create a harmonious and private environment for residents. In these areas, residents can take a walk, read books or make a date.

Especially, dry and hard fences have been replaced with rows of shady trees, which look like an arm protecting residents.

Another advantage of the project is the layout of the commercial area. With a V-shaped layout, shop-houses have large frontages to Ben Nghe Street and the Saigon River and can make room for catering and entertainment services and supermarkets.

According to the investor, the investment in utilities and green spaces at the project is aimed at meeting residents’ needs and helping them relax and improve their health at their homes, especially amid the trend of promoting a green, safe and comfortable lifestyle. Moreover, the public area will help enhance the interaction and exchange among residents, connecting them as members in the Asiana family.

As one of the first projects of Gotec Land in the south of HCMC, the firm has understood and evaluated thoroughly the location of the Asiana Riverside project. Therefore, Asiana Riverside is a special project in the south of the city.


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